The “10G Premium Solar” initiative is a solar engineering firm that aims to establish a local Ethiopian solar component manufacturing and assembly company with adequate workshops while also strengthening local professional capacity in the field of solar energy.

“By 2021, Ethiopia has only 4,3 GWp of electric energy production for a nation of 117 million people. That is less than 10% of energy per capita compared to Vietnam or Indonesia. Every year Ethiopian economy is increasing by $10+ billion dollars. This constant growth calls for new development of energy generation. We believe that Ethiopia needs 30 GWp to be installed by 2035.”10 Green Gigawatt For Ethiopia

Representatives of the “10 Green Gigawatt for Ethiopia” initiative presented their investment plan to start an Ethiopian engineering company funded by Israeli, European, and Ethiopian investors during an Ethiopian Embassy in Tel Aviv meeting with Israeli businessmen on the new investment in solar energy generation in Ethiopia on May 27, 2022.

His Excellency Reta Alemu Nega, Ambassador of Ethiopia to Israel, explained the legal framework for foreign investments in Ethiopia and stressed that Ethiopia has abundant renewable energy resources, which should be explored to advance Ethiopian prosperity. Ambassador Reta noted that “Ethiopia is known as a nation with thirteen months of sunshine; hence solar power production will help the country to enhance its economic and social development goals”.


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