Looking more closely at the performance of Ethiopia’s largest state enterprises, Cepheus’ latest study reveals that growth in revenue and profits is particularly strong for those involved in the transport sector (Ethiopian Airlines, Ethiopian Shipping), financial sector (CBE, DBE), trading, and manufacturing. Agriculture and telecom companies are experiencing more moderate growth.

The strong revenue growth of most state enterprises, even after adjusting for inflation, suggests continued strength in parts of the formal economy, though it is notable that the fastest growing segments are not a very large share of Ethiopia’s overall GDP (transport and communications together comprises 5% of real GDP while finance is 3% of real GDP).

In this section, we have presented SOE’s revenue in descending order.

State Owned Enterprise Revenue, First Half of Fiscal Year (2021/22)

State Owned EnterpriseRevenue (Birr millions)
1Genet Hotel11
2Ethiopian Mineral, Petroleum and Biofuel Corpo13
3Shebelle Transport S.C15
4Ghion Hotels Enterprise40
5Ethiopian Railway Corporation60
6Ethiopia Pulp and Paper Factory66
7FilWeha Spa Service Enterprise82
8Animal Health Institute89
9Development and Hotel S.C166
10Ethiopian Toll Roads Enterprise275
11Berhanena Selam Printing Press307
12Educational Materials Production and Distribution313
13Ethiopian Tourist Trading Enterprise342
14Ethiopia Postal Service387
15National Alcohol and Liquor Factory435
16National Lottery Administration550
17Industrial Parks Development Corporation557
18Ethio-Engineering Corporation599
19Ethiopian Construction Design and Supervision602
20Federal Housing Corporation1,107
21Chemical Industry Corporation1,229
22Ethiopian Insurance Corporation1,300
23Ethiopian Agricultural Businesses Corporation1,460
24Ethiopian Industrial Inputs Development Enterprise2,223
25Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation2,244
26Ethiopian Trading Businesses Corporation3,161
27Development Bank of Ethiopia3,540
28Ethiopian sugar Corporation4,292
29Ethiopia Electric Utility7,435
30Ethiopian Electric Service11,154
31Ethiopian Shipping Lines22,906
32Ethio Telecom28,012
33Commercial Bank of Ethiopia58,200
34Ethiopian Airlines118,210

Source: Cepheus  


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