Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (29 June 2022)

In a June 28 social media post, the Ministry of Innovation and Technology announced that Ethiopia has approved and begun working on Digital Ethiopia 2025.

Digital Ethiopia is an initiative bringing together government, private, and developmental agency sectors to provide opportunities for four of the biggest sectors that can help improve the digital economy of Ethiopia.

Hence, the sectors getting much attention are the agriculture, manufacturing, information technology, and tourism industry.

In light of this policy, the following systems will be provided to each sector:


Build a digital agricultural platform to help and encourage tech-agriculture.

Provide Internet material such as information and data to help the farmer control his products.    

Supply blockchain – to make competitions fair a make payment options safe

Enhance and encourage technological job creation.

Manufacturing Sector

Bring forth new technology in industrial parks to help expand to the global market

Dispense a digital logistic management process to enhance export

Informal Technology

Provide infrastructure to high capacity and talent centers  

Re-structure the IT park to full capacity

Layout leading business process


Digitalize tourism and improve tourist flow

Enhance span of stay and payment mechanisms

Build capacity of small enterprises with the aim of making tourism more competitive


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