Following measures taken by the government to ensure economic transformation over the last three years, Bulbula, Yirgalem and Bure Agro-Industrial parks have fully completed and gone operational. The former, located in Oromia, occupies 271 hectares of land and was inaugurated in May 2021. The agro-industrial park which is situated between Lake Langano and Lake Abiyata includes a bank, a waste treatment plant, a health clinic, a police station, training centers, and managerial facilities.

As per a report by Fana Broadcasting Corporation (FBC), the Ministry of Industry announced that 94 investors have registered, some 42 investors and private ventures have finalized preparations to enter, and 6 have already began operations in the Bulbula Park.  Melaku Alebel, Minister of Industry, reportedly said that integrated agro industrial parks would have a significant contribution to earning foreign currency by adding value to domestically produced products, as is evidenced by the $16.2million three of the six investors were able to bring in from exporting their products for the past two years alone.

The Minister further stated that when fully operating, this park will be able to house 135 investors and provide work for 100,000 people. 114,000 farmers are already making money by providing agricultural supplies to the companies. The Minister urged investors to take advantage of the lucrative opportunity provided by the park, which would resolve the issue of infrastructure and the supply of raw materials.


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