As of 2021, Ethiopia’s population aged below 15 years constituted 42.4 percent while the proportion of the working age group (15-64 years) found to be 53.4 percent, and that of the old age (65 years and over) was only 4.2 percent, based on CSA survey result.

The recent CSA (Central Statistics Agency) survey result shows that the total population of the country (excluding the Tigray Region, which was not covered in the survey) residing in conventional households in February 2021 was estimated to be 98,038,146, of which 49,189,649 (50.2 percent) were males and 48,848,497 (49.8 percent) females.(The highest share of the population is residing in rural areas (77,068,058 persons, 78.6 percent), while (20,970,088 persons, 21.4 percent) in urban area.

Region wise, Oromia (39.4percent), Amhara (23.7percent) and SNNP regions (17.1 percent) took the highest share out of the total population of the country, while the lowest percentage is observed for Harari Region (0.3 percent), Gambela Region and Dire Dawa City Administration equally reported 0.5 percent.

Source: FDRE, Statistical Report on the 2021 Labour Force and Migration Survey, December 2021

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