MTI Consulting Team are in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia to Strategies 5 SOEs.

Ethiopia’s Public Enterprises Holding & Administration (PEHA) has chosen MTI Consulting, an internationally networked boutique management consultancy that provides advisory services in Strategy, Operations, and Corporate Finance, to conduct an in-depth strategic assessment of five Ethiopian state-owned enterprises (SOE) in February 2022, it is recalled.

Following that, a team of MTI international consultants arrived in Addis Abeba to work on a strategic assessment and planning project for five Ethiopian state-owned enterprises. The project team is led by MTI CEO Hilmy Cader and includes members from Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Rwanda, India, Bahrain, and New Zealand, according to the Sunday Times.

Ethiopian Chemical Industry Corporation, Ethiopian Business Trading Corporation, Ethiopian Pulp and Paper Share Company, Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation, and Berhanena Selam Printing Press are the companies to be involved.

The project’s scope is to conduct an in-depth strategic assessment of selected SOEs under PEHA to gain a better understanding of the current business ecosystem in which the SoEs operate and to provide company development and directional strategies as an outcome.

The project is funded by the Agence Française de Développement (AFD) (AFD), it is noted.


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