Following Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed call “Ethiopia is inviting one million Ethiopian Diasporas to come home and celebrate Ethiopian Christmas on 07/01/2022. The great homecoming challenge commends the country’s diaspora and longstanding supporters’ contribution and unreserved support at this time of need.”

This historic homecoming event is the first of its kind only seconded by the home coming event that was conducted during the Ethiopian Millennium celebrations, Walta.

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‘Buy Ethiopian, Exchange Forex at the Bank, Send Remittances Via Formal Channels, Invest 
in Ethiopia, and Donate Something.’  

Buy Ethiopian

Buy Ethiopian is a movement to create a new consumer culture within our community; a culture where we support Ethiopian businesses and buy Ethiopian before anything else. Follow ‘Buy Ethiopian’ on Twitter.

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Buy Ethiopian

Exchange Forex at the Bank

Based on MCC’s analysis of Ethiopia’s economy and the results of diagnostic tests, the main binding constraint on the country’s economic growth is the shortage of foreign exchange (forex).

The forex shortage chokes output in nearly all sectors of Ethiopia’s economy and overall resulted an adverse economic and welfare implication to most of the Ethiopian’s livelihood.

Check daily foreign exchange rates here.

Send Remittances Via Formal Channels

According to the International Organization on Migration (IOM) 2015 report, as much as 78% of the money sent to the Ethiopia as remittances, is sent through informal channels known as hawala.

Hawala is an alternative or parallel remittance system. It exists and operates outside of, or parallel to “traditional” banking or financial channels. It was developed in India, before the introduction of Western banking practices, and is currently a major remittance system used around the world. Like any other remittance system, hawala can, and does, play a role in money laundering and negative severe impact on economic growth.

Invest in Ethiopia

Ethiopian Investment Commission (EIC) officially welcomes the Ethiopian Diasporas to explore investment opportunities in Ethiopia during their homecoming.

EIC recommend the diaspora community to explore investment opportunities in sectors that are prioritized by the Government of Ethiopia. This prioritized sectors – Agriculture, Manufacturing, Mining, Tourism, and ICT – are strategically positioned with immense opportunities and lucrative incentives from the government.

If you need a reliable seasoned investment advisory professional; Contact Us via email

Donate Something 

National Disaster Risk Management Commission has called an urgent support to conflict victims in Ethiopia. Donate here at the only official donation platform for national causes.

Doctors for Ethiopia, a platform that amplifies work being done by all health professionals to address the current health related needs of Ethiopia, has also called a collaborative effort towards the restoration and healing of the damages that have occurred in all regions of Ethiopia.

Find the exhaustive list of emergency medical supplies, instruments, equipments and medications here.



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