Inaugurated in March of 2021 by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in Sidama State, Yirgalem Integrated Agro-Industrial Park is located on 294.5 hectares and had a total investment of more than US$60 million at its inception. Sidama region’s Industrial Parks Development Corporation aired that the park was able to generate $4.5 million in export revenue only a year after it began operations.

This came to realization mostly through the 11 shades (production sites) that started production in 2021. The site now houses five businesses that manufacture avocado oil, honey, milk, and coffee.

Having already benefited over 135 thousand farmers through the linkage it created between agriculture and manufacturing companies, efforts in the industrial park are now being made to replace imported value-added coffee and milk-related products.

Moreover, the CEO of the park stated that the Yirgalem Integrated Agro-Industrial Park has enough production sites to serve up to 150 manufacturing companies, with all necessary infrastructures in place. Taking note of this, as well as the abundance of agricultural products that can be used as input for production and the availability of sufficient labor in the area, he has urged investors to take advantage of the investment opportunities at Yirgalem.


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