The City Administration of Addis Ababa has launched the second phase of the Productive Urban Safety-Net Programme (UPSNP) with a budget of 450 million USD.

According to FBC news, Addis Ababa administration has identified beneficiaries living in 120 Woredas in the capital under 827 cluster centers for the programme.

The program which aims to enhance livelihoods of low income families has been being implemented in 11 towns at the national level. Due to the progress gained through implementation of the programme, additional 72 towns have been included in the project.

Deputy Mayor of Addis Ababa and Enterprises and Industry Development Bureau of the City, Jantirar Abay stated that the programme will be implemented with 450 million USD of which 300 million is secured from international lending financial institutions while the remaining 150 million is allocated by the government.

More than 102 residents will benefit from the Safety Net Program in technical and vocational education and training, solid waste management, beautification and greenery works and integrated drainage development areas, it is stated on the launching event.

The Urban Productive Safety Net Project (UPSNP) is the first social protection project addressing the binding constraints faced by Ethiopia’s urban poor and one of the few in Sub-Saharan Africa. The project boosts financial inclusion, encourages savings, provides skills and a substantial grant to beneficiaries, World Bank.

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