Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (30 June 2022)

After months of preparation, advertising, and customer anticipation, Addis Motor Taxi publicized that it became the first fully licensed motorcycle ride-hailing business to commence operations on June 20, 2022. The service is organized to give a proper and safe structure to the motorcycle-centered service market in the city, and it can be easily accessed by dialing the short number 9530 or downloading the android app version on Play Store using the link:

As Addis Motor’s Marketing Manager, Amir Redwan, told us, Addis Motor Taxi aims to tap into the association of thousands of GPS-equipped motorcycle owners already present in Addis Ababa and help them benefit from this digital hailing format while simultaneously providing a swift means of transportation to its clients. The pricing strategy is based on the numbers of kilometres travelled, and has a starting rate of Br.75.

The road ahead may yet be rocky, however, as we recall the temporary ban placed on motorcyclists from carrying pillion passengers while riding in the capital early in 2022. The launch of the service during Ethiopia’s rainy season may also hinder the company’s immediate success. In response to these concerns, Amir relayed that the company hopes to overturn the strained relationship between the motorcycle service industry and Transport Bureau of Addis Ababa through its performance, take all necessary precautions for safety issues, come up with innovative ways to bring comfort, and change any unfavourable perception held among the public.


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