Big Bad Wolf Books and Sharjah International Book Fair will organize a book fair and sales event in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital, in the last months of this year.

Tsehay Publishers CEO Elias Wondimu is quoted by ENA as saying, “For the first time in Africa, recognized companies are preparing to conduct the book expo in Addis Ababa.” The company has reached an agreement with Big Bad Wolf and Sharjah, and they are planning a book fair and sales event in Addis Ababa. Elias further stated that over one million books will be sold in two days at a discount ranging from 55 to 95 percent.

Photo: Tsehay Publishers CEO Elias Wondimu/

Tsehay Publishers intends to distribute 5 billion books in Africa and the Middle East over the next five years, according to Elias.

Source: ENA


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