Agelgil is a sustainable range of packaging and tableware made from agricultural by-products like wheat and rice straw. Electrical engineer Afomia Adnualem and her team developed both the process and key machinery required to turn crop waste into sturdy and reliable packaging. Afomia and her team did not set about creating Agelgil only to reduce plastic use and deforestation, but also to find use for agricultural waste.

The Agelgil team met as students at Bahir Dar University, and currently run the business from an incubator space provided by the university. Their aim is to create a product and business model that solve multiple problems at once, creating a more sustainable industrial cycle that reduces waste throughout the supply chain.

The Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation was launched in March 2014 to stimulate, celebrate and reward innovation and entrepreneurship across sub-Saharan Africa. An eight-month period of tailored training and mentoring for up to 16 shortlisted entrepreneurs culminates in a showcase event, where a winner is selected to receive £25,000 along with three runners-up, who are each awarded £10,000.


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