Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (22 February 2023)

Ethiopian Airlines, the largest airline in Africa, has entered into a deal with Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) to offer its services and products to the member states of IGAD. The terms of the agreement include the provision of hospitality services to IGAD at Ethiopian Skylight Hotel and the allocation of a team specifically to manage travel and hospitality requirements.

Ethiopian Airlines already operates more than 20 flights daily to IGAD member states and offers convenient access to more than 130 destinations worldwide. The agreement is expected to facilitate regional integration and economic cooperation in the region.

In March 2022, Ethiopian Airlines signed a strategic partnership agreement with the International Djibouti Industrial Park Operation (IDIPO) and Air Djibouti to commence sea-air multimodal transportation for expeditious transportation of goods to Africa, taking its cargo transportation sector to a multimodal level. The existence of this agreement alongside the extensive cargo operation of Ethiopian Airlines is expected to ease IGAD’s objectives to mobilize resources within the framework of regional cooperation.

Source: ZAWYA


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