Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (19 May 2023)

The Agricultural One Stop Shops (AOSSs) project, an initiative of the Agricultural Transformation Institute (ATI), is revolutionizing the agricultural landscape by providing farmers with easy access to essential inputs and services. Designed to improve productivity, food security, and income, this flagship project has already achieved remarkable milestones. Here are the key highlights of its progress so far:

  • Accessible Agricultural Inputs: The AOSSs project has established over 235 centers and shops in six agricultural regions, ensuring proximity and convenience for farmers.
  • Empowering Smallholder Farmers: Approximately 7.5 million smallholder farmers (SHFs) now benefit from the project’s services, gaining access to quality agricultural inputs, training, and advisory services.
  • Job Creation: The AOSSs project has created over 1,679 professional positions, stimulating local employment opportunities and contributing to economic growth.
  • Private Sector Collaboration: The private sector’s involvement in the AOSSs project has been instrumental, with a remarkable ETB 1.13 billion invested as a Matching Fund. This collaboration showcases the project’s ability to foster public-private partnerships and leverage additional financial resources.

Executives interested in the AOSSs project are encouraged to visit the Agriculture and Science Exhibition, held at the Science Museum, to gain deeper insights into this transformative initiative.

Source: ATI


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