On April 25, 2022, at Awash Bank’s headquarters, Awash Bank signed a collaboration deal with Service Cops, a Ugandan financial technology (fintech) startup. The collaboration will result in a complete data management system that issues a unique payment code to each student and a business intelligence module that generates tailored reports for schools.

Service Cops is one of the few fintechs operating outside of Uganda, and the first to enter Ethiopia, which is one of Africa’s ten largest countries by GDP and the second-most populous, and hence offers significant investment returns.

The agreement would need Service Cops to design and supply solutions that will enable payments such as school fees in the education sector, API and channel management, among other things, according to Mr Mathias Kamugasho, the company’s general director, in a statement.

“[This] is the start of a long-term cooperation that will assist the bank’s digital strategy,” he added, noting that Awash is the second bank in Ethiopia to sign up for Service Cops’ technology solutions, demonstrating the value of the company’s digital offering.

The e-school or school suite solution, an enterprise version of the school pays, which offers a central data management system that allows parents to pay school fees through various channels such as banks and mobile money, will be a key among the innovations. Ethiopia joins Uganda, Zambia, and Rwanda as the fourth African country to use the e-school solution.

Source: Daily Monitor Uganda Edition


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