Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (21 March 2023)

Last night, the final touches were added to the joint filling work of the splendid Bahirdar Bridge spanning over the Abay River, marking a significant milestone for the city. A dedication ceremony was held in honor of the completion of the joint.

The First Deputy Mayor of Bahir Dar City Administration, who attended the inauguration ceremony, praised the completion of the bridge, stating that it will increase tourism in the city and improve traffic flow. He also announced that all the expected works from the city administration have been completed ahead of schedule, and they are currently working on finding solutions to encourage the contractor and provide necessary resources.

According to the Deputy Chief Engineer of the new Nile River Bridge, the project is expected to be fully completed by July 07 (Sene 30). The Bahirdar Bridge boasts a length of 380 meters and a width of 43 meters. The project is expected to have a significant impact on the city’s transportation system and economic growth. With the completion of the bridge, it is anticipated that more people will be able to visit the city, and businesses will be able to transport their goods more efficiently.

Source: Ethiopian Press Agency


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