The 25th Annual General Meeting of Bank of Abyssinia Shareholders were held today. At the meeting serval success metrics were disclosed. The bank deposit reached ETB 88.88 billion from ETB 41.25 billion in 2020/21 budget year. Further increasing its total asset to 103.85 billion and increasing its capital by 52% to 8.65 billion.

The total number of employees of the Bank has reached 8,146. And 97 new branches were opened and increased the number of branches to 608.

In addressing the banks social responsibility, the bank has provided more than ETB 45.71 million for development and philanthropy, for the Student Feeding Program under the Addis Ababa City Administration, for natural and man-made problems, and for government agencies and humanitarian organizations.

The bank also announced the progress of building a 60 floors HQ at Mexico Square on the banks total area of 9,763 square meters.


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