Business Incubator Communities (BIC) Ethiopia has launched a four-year project to strengthen the country’s business incubators. According to the Ethiopian Herald, the European Union has provided 90% of the total 5.5 million euros pledged.

Throughout its lifetime, the project has the ultimate goal to:

  • Improve market access,
  • Generate higher income, and
  • Create jobs.

Dr. Christiane Beck, BIC Ethiopia Project Director, reportedly said the community will achieve these through providing business incubators with agri-tech and agri-business start-ups, micro, small and medium scale.

Begun in partnership with Sequa (lead partner), Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations, Adelphi, Menschen für Menschen, and others since January 2022, BIC’s envisaged impact is improved performance of up to 15 incubators in Ethiopia, which will, in turn, provide business support services to 1360 start-ups (i.e., persons) and 700 MSMEs.

Source: BIC Ethiopia, The Ethiopian Herald


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