ON Ethiopian’s VICOTRY DAY

From its humble beginnings in May 2019, Business Info Ethiopia (BIE) Telegram posts now have reached more than 10,000. In all digital platforms, the statistics indicate that the posts were able to reach 500k audiences.

BIE has worked hard to meet your desire for better business information and data with extremely limited resources. The 10,000 posts are just made by only two content writers.

In the midst of the day-to-day hustle, getting definitive information of businesses, economies, markets, companies, industries, and sectors remains a momentous challenge for Ethiopia’s Business Ecosystem players.

Over the years, we strive to inform individuals and organizations to take business decisions and/or provoke thoughts (Awe moments) for the next best business moves.

Moreover, businesses have been put under severe performance pressure because of a significant increase in the cost of focus due to the reduced availability of business information and data.

Together, with your constant feedback, we’ve realized how we can improve our services and help you to grow profitably in the country’s business ecosystem.

About BIE

BIE Intelligence is an Ethiopian business insight and solution firm on decision making. We are a purpose-driven firm with data and technology to augment the business decisions effectiveness of individuals and companies. Our services include Business Information Service, Market Intelligence and Consumer Data, and Industry Insight and Outlook Reports. Please visit for more https://businessinfoeth.com/

Thank you for your contribution to the advancement of BIE. We recognize and respect your dedication and achievements.

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