Second Bruh Business Innovation Competition Award that held yesterday on 15 January 2022 has announced the top thirty winners of 2021. According to Ministry of Labor and Skills of Ethiopia, thirty of the four hundred sixty-two thoughts are awarded.

Bruh Entrepreneurship competition is a call to young entrepreneurs to bring innovative ideas to solve critical problems.

The winners of the competition are:

  • Husky Energy & Technologies
  • Akuri Glue
  • Plasto Abyssinia Plc
  • Ecoal Green Energy
  • Agelgle Ecopackaging
  • Omishtu Joy
  • Quad Copter Drone
  • Ray Cosmetics
  • Hibret Agro-Machinery Manufacturing Company
  • Meka CNC
  • One Card System
  • Chinetalle Freight Plc
  • Pomace Pulp
  • Ediget Compressed Earth Block
  • Wub Duket
  • Ethio Hulum
  • Lameda Academ
  • Bros Animal Feed Production
  • Enzirt Engineering
  • Ethio-Credit Shop
  • Chinet Express
  • Sturdy Tiles
  • Eco-Bricks
  • Aura Designs
  • Blaze Technology-Mobile Waste Incinerator
  • Kikole Audio Book Multimedia
  • MECHAL Orthopaedics and Prosthetics
  • Daae Bushu Animal Feed Association
  • Efoy Smart Baby Bed
  • Batica waste plastic recycling association.

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