ECX has given a half-day discussion on March 16th on the nature of the market information to business journalists from various public and private media outlets and social media.

Wondmagegnehu Negera, CEO of the ECX, said in his opening remarks that the role of business journalists in the development of the country is irreplaceable. He said they should do their part to ensure access to information in the agricultural marketing system.

Neshanet Tesfaye, Communication Director, and Kirubel Aycha, business information expert, also spoke on the nature and interpretation of market information. Kaleyesus Bekele, who has more than 20 years of experience as a business journalist, founder of Origin media, has also shared experiences. Business journalists are also urged to form associations with a common goal to develop their professional skills.

The participants also praised the institution for providing such professional training to journalists and for the responsibility it is fulfilling to implement business journalism effectively in our country. The establishment of a trade union was also called for.


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