Bunna Bank has revealed its new brand logo, which is brown and white in tone, and the Ethiopian Intellectual Property Office (EIPO) has registered the new brand, according to the Bank. It is said that the Bunna International Bank brand name was changed to Bunna Bank last year.

Berry Advertising PLC is responsible for the creation of the new brand logo. “The brand logo represents motivation, a bright future, and vision,” Berry Advertising General Manager Melaku Bahiru told Medias.

“Furthermore, the Bank conducted a survey and other preliminary operations before presenting the new brand logo,” Abayneh said in a news conference on Wednesday. Customers’, employees’, and other entities’ feedback have been gathered, and assessment studies have been done as a result, according to Abayneh. According to the findings of that study, the former brand emblem was difficult to recall and understand, he explained. “The new brand was created to express Bunna’s vision, goal, and values,” Abayneh said, adding, “It’s simple to use and recall by customers.”


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