Dashen Bank Introduces “Dube Pay” to be Provided in Collaboration with EagleLion System Technology

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (26 April 2022)

Dashen Bank issued a LinkedIn post early this afternoon announcing the introduction of a new service called “Dube Pay,” which will be launched in association with EagleLion System Technology PLC. The two parties signed an agreement cementing their deal today.

Dube pay is, as the Amharic word “Dube” implies, a buy-now-pay-later scheme that allows people to buy the goods and services they want when they desire, and pay later. It essentially performs the same function as a credit card, allowing people to purchase goods on credit/loan. The service will be one of short-term financing, and it is expected to help consumers deal with cash shortages.

EagleLion PLC, the other player in the launch of this service, is a tech firm that has produced applications such as CashGo, GuzoGo, GetRooms and others. The post indicated that the Dube Pay app will therefore be reliable and held up to global standards.


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