According to both institutions’ social media posts, Capital Business School under the Ethiopian Kazana Group and Strathmore Business School (SBS) in Kenya have entered into and are excited about a partnership agreement for the latter’s provision of executive education.

The MOU was signed this morning in Nairobi, where Addis Alemayehu, Founder and Chairman of Kazana, emphasized the importance of the agreement. According to SBS, he stated, “Ethiopia is opening up very quickly, and we need our executives in Ethiopian organizations to be as sharp and polished as they need to be now more than ever.” Addis even referred to SBS as “the region’s premier business training institute” in a LinkedIn post, indicating his high expectations for the education they will provide executive managers in Ethiopian organizations.

As per his interview with Moses Komibaro of Pure Digital Passion, Addis is interested in supporting technology startups in Ethiopia and Kenya with young entrepreneurs in the future and will be raising a multimillion-dollar fund for this purpose later this year.

Kazana is a Kiswahili word that means “working hard,” and the Kazana Group currently has a portfolio of over 13 companies in marketing, communications, advertising, fintech, telecom, manufacturing, logistics, technologies, investment management, and advisory services. Strathmore Business School, on the other hand, has been charged with influencing the leadership of Africa’s public and private sectors since its inception in 2005. It was recently ranked third in the continent’s Webometrics ranking of business schools.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (28 June 2022)


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