Seven Ethiopian companies have been denied entry into China, according to the reporter Alemmu Nega, Jema Trading, Aniley Admasu, Desalegn G/michael, and Edmealem Ejegu are among the companies that have been prohibited.

The Chinese customs authority’s prohibition is due to inconsistent registration, poor commodities, inadequate labeling, and the presence of dangerous chemicals in sesame seeds. Beginning January 1, 2022, Chinese customs set out new registration criteria for foreign food producers.

Since China issued the instruction, the Ministry of Agriculture has put in a lot of effort. After completing a 14-page questionnaire, exporters are required to submit a request to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Chinese Embassy in Addis Ababa. According to Degfe Tabeza, Senior Inspector, Plant Health & Product Quality Control Directorate of the Ministry, Ethiopian enterprises  find it difficult to comply with China’s new customs order.

The Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration (MoTR) indicated in its eight-month report to parliament that the volume of agricultural export commodities such as sesame seeds has decreased by 3,477 tons. When compared to the same period the previous year, oilseed export revenues fell by 73 percent in January.

264 enterprises have received permission to export commodities to China, which amounts for 3% of Ethiopia’s exports, which totaled 3.6 billion dollars in the previous fiscal year, despite the fact that not all of them are engaging in trade.


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