Ethiopian Industrial Park (EIC) and WODA INDUSTRIAL PARK signed a contract to upgrade WODA METALS INDUSTRY PLC to an industrial park level in front of representatives from the Chinese Embassy, JETRO, and the government, in accordance with the Ethiopian Investment Board’s (EIB) decision.

The park would expand from an existing 18.9-hectare operating plant to 100 hectares of land in Sebeta town, Oromia regional state.

With an estimated 95 million USD budget, WODA INDUSTRIAL PARK will house companies that manufacture goods for the engineering, automotive, tire, cable, and metal industries.

WODA Industrial Park will aid in the realization of efficient manufacturing facilities focusing on government priority industries by improving infrastructure facilities, utility supply, and OSS government services.

The park’s producers will produce a significant amount of import-substituting and hard currency-generating goods using the ideas of an eco-industrial park.

According to the Ethiopian Investment Commission, the park will promote knowledge and technology transfer by creating more than 17,500 job opportunities.

Source: EIC


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