Ideas That Solve Problems: Ethiopian’s Innovation

  • Startup Company: Coffee Resurrect, Inc
  • Founder and CEO: Almaw Molla
  • Co-founder and CTO: Seblegenet Aklilu

An Ethiopian startup company specialized in upcycling coffee waste known as spent coffee ground from coffee bars, launching and selling the first products with coffee essential oil extracted from Spent Coffee Grounds.

Coffee Resurrect is the first Biotech company in Africa to create Personal care, Nutraceuticals, and Food ingredients from coffee waste also known as sustainably spent coffee grounds.

Major Achievements

  • COFFEE RESURRECT Inc., a company specializing in upcycling coffee waste, was named one of the top 100 companies in the world at the Entrepreneurship World Cup 2021 and was Ethiopia’s only national and regional finalist.
  • Created additional income sources for small-scale African coffee farmers, helping them to get a better price of their green coffee beans.
  • Will divert 500,000 Metric tons of coffee wastes across Africa by 2024.
  • Is among early and growth-stage companies named as a top 10 startups of Africa and the only Ethiopian finalist at Entrepreneurship World Cup (EWC) 2021.
  • Winner of “Founder of the Year” Eastern Africa Startup Awards 2021.
  • The founder Almaw Molla is also an MBA championship from e4impact foundation of Italy as the best impact entrepreneur of 2022.


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