Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (09 March 2023)

The coffee world was left buzzing after the announcement that the Ethiopia Cup of Excellence (CoE) program has been put on hold for 2023. The CoE program had been a hot ticket item, generating over $3 million in income for Ethiopian coffee farmers in just three years. However, the Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE), the nonprofit organization that runs the program, cited “numerous issues within Ethiopia” as the reason for the suspension.

The CoE program was a game-changer for Ethiopian coffee farmers, providing a platform for them to showcase their finest beans and earn top dollar for their hard work. The competition drew interest from high-end coffee buyers all over the world and saw some of the highest prices ever paid for green coffee at any global auction. The average per-pound prices for coffee at the Ethiopia CoE auction started at a staggering $28.44 per pound in 2020 and reached a jaw-dropping $400.50 per pound for the top-scoring coffee at last year’s event.

Despite the setback, ACE is committed to bringing back the program in 2024 and is working closely with the Coffee and Tea Authority to ensure its success. The Ethiopia Cup of Excellence program has not only helped to improve the lives of coffee farmers but has also put Ethiopia on the map as a world-class coffee producer.

Source: Cup of Excellence


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