According to a recent study, Russia’s daily cost of the Ukraine war could exceed $20 billion.

The Centre for Economic Recovery, CIVITTA, and EasyBusiness study found that direct losses in the first four days of the war totaled $7 billion, including military equipment and personnel casualties.

Citing the study, CIVITTA said: “The total daily cost of war for Russia is likely to exceed $20-25 billion given logistics, personnel, rocket launches, etc.”

The true cost of the invasion to Russia’s war chest is one of the most contentious issues. A new study by the Centre for Economic Recovery, Civitta, and EasyBusiness has added clarity to the debate by providing a quick assessment of the costs of the war for the Russian economy, revealing that the country is losing money even by the most conservative estimates.

The direct costs of the war, including liquidated military equipment and personnel casualties, have cost Russia approximately $7 billion in the first five days. The loss of human lives alone is expected to account for $2.7 billion in lost GDP over the next few years.

Beyond that, the scale of the mobilization – including logistics, personnel, ammunition, fuel, rocket launches, and so on – will become more expensive by the day. As a result, the daily cost of war for Russia, according to the researchers, is “likely to exceed $20 billion” as the invasion scales.

Academic estimates that the US government spent $8 trillion on post-9/11 wars. Since 2001, this has contributed to an increase in US government debt from around $6 trillion to $28 trillion.

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