Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (May 2022)- Dashen Bank has signed an agreement with the national id program to provide digital identification to its customers.

According to Asfaw Alemu, CEO of Dashen Bank, the MOU was signed to demonstrate the bank’s commitment to the goals of the national ID program as well as the central bank’s “know-your-customer” KYC directive.

The implementation of a unique digital id promotes financial inclusion while also ensuring secure and trustworthy financial transactions, said Ato. Asfaw.

The Office is implementing the registration process by outsourcing registration work to financial institutions and other organizations that require identification, according to Yodahe Zemichael, the program’s executive director.

Yodahe Zemichael also stated that in order to reach the program’s goal of attaining 70 million people, the national ID program will collaborate with rural Safety Net Programs. People who do not have access to traditional financial institutions are also targeted in the program.


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