Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (April 2022): Emperor Tewodros II lived a life of heroism and tragedy as the first Ethiopian king to try to unite different regions of the country following the division caused by the Era of Princes. On April 14, 2022, 154 years after his martyrdom, the community at Debre Tabor University gathered to commemorate the king’s contributions and passing.

In honor of the Emperor’s quest for education and knowledge, the university successfully completed a rocket launch trial in the Amora Gedel. According to the Ethiopian Press Agency, this is the second of two attempts and is the result of years of technological experiments at the institution with the goal of expanding Ethiopia’s space science studies.

The Recognition Ceremony

In a tweet sent out today (April 18), the university recognized and awarded staff and students for their contributions to the development of artilleries and rockets launched on April 14 and 17.


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