Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (28 April 2022)

In a February 2022 press release, UNICEF wrote that more than 6.8 million people in Ethiopia’s drought-affected areas will require immediate humanitarian assistance by mid-2022. Somali is one of the most severely affected areas that has suffered from extreme clean water shortage, lack of basic needs provision, and immense loss of livestock. 4.4 million people are currently facing critical water shortages in drought-affected areas of Oromia and Somalia.

In light of this, the Minister of Irrigation and Lowlands visited Jijiga and announced the allocation of 338Mn ETB for the region on April 24.  A briefing was held to disclose the Ministry’s plan for drought recovery and the areas where the finances are to be spent and was attended by the President of the Somali region, Mustafe Mohammed, Minister of Irrigation and Lowlands Engineer Aisha Mohammed, along with other officials from the federal and regional levels.

Fana Broadcasting reported that the allotted amount was obtained through financial support from the World Bank. The news media further reported on April 25 that the Ministry has provided Oromia Region with over a 6.3 million birr budget to help drought-affected areas quickly recover from the situation.


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