Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (06 Jun 2022)-During the “Meher” season of 2021/22, the Ministry of Agriculture reported that 336.6 million quintals of various crops were harvested across the country.

In his performance report to the House of People’s Representatives today, Minister of Agriculture Omar Hussein made the remark. During the season, the country aimed to cover 13.2 million hectares of land with diverse seeds, and it was able to reach 97 percent of that goal, according to the Minister.

As a result, he added, 336.6 million quintals of diverse crops have been gathered across the country. and the results show a drop of 5 million quintals as compared to the 341 million quintals recorded during the previous year’s Meher season.

Private investors in the agricultural sector, on the other hand, have harvested 19.4 million quintals of produce in the last nine months, according to the minister.

It was stated that the study did not include places that were unable to harvest because of the conflict, including Tigray.



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