On the 4th of March, in the presence of high-level Government officials, East African Mining Corporation PLC (EAMC) laid the foundation stone for the construction of a 360K MT/yr coal washing plant in the Dawro zone in Ethiopia’s southwest region, according to Group Chairman, East African Holding S.C. Ato. Buzuayehu Tadele.

According to the company website, the East African Mining Corporation PLC (EAMC) is the mining subsidiary of East African Holding engaged in the exploration, extraction, and mining of the huge potential reserves of various minerals. The company is extracting coal from its two sites in Moye Woreda (70 km west of Jima) in the Oromiya Regional State. The coal is mainly supplied to local manufacturing industries (cement, textile, etc.).

Ethiopia has an abundant supply of mineral resources that remain undeveloped, which EAMC is positioned to tap into in the coming years, reads the company profile. The company has acquired exploration licenses for various minerals scattered across the country. EAMC has also invested in state-of-the-art laboratory equipment for the mineral investigation and has hired geologists and mining experts from abroad.


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