From April 25 to 29, 2022, UNCTAD will host an eCommerce Week in Geneva and online, organized in partnership with eTrade for All and other partners.

It will look at ways to strengthen the ability of developing countries, including least developed countries (LDCs), to continue engaging in and benefiting from e-commerce and the digital economy, to build more resilient and inclusive societies in a dramatically different post-COVID-19 environment.

The 2022 edition will be held under the theme “Data and Digitalization for Development”, putting a special emphasis on data and cross-border data flows and the crucial role they play in economic and social development.

The connectivity-related digital divide is being heightened by an emerging data divide, reflecting the wide differences that exist between and within countries to harness data.

Countries with limited capacities to turn data into digital intelligence and business opportunities, and use them for economic and social development, are at a clear disadvantage.

The event will also shine a light on how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted digital transformations globally.

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