The Ethiopian Food and Drug Authority (EFDA) has developed an application named “I Verify” that swiftly assesses whether pharmaceuticals or food items have the required validation time and have been distributed legally or illegally.

i-Verify, a health product tracking app, gives regulators and the general public real-time visibility into the flow of health commodities and products from the maker to the point of issue.

Anyone can use this program to check the validity of a product at any stage in the supply chain, and it allows you to track and trace health commodities from manufacturer to point of the issue – all the way through the health import process and supply chain. It is also used to report illegal, defective, or counterfeit products on the market.

In a media interview, Tinsaye Genene, a member of the GSIDHA team, explained that the program allows buyers and importers to detect whether a drug or food item was purchased legally or illegally, as well as calculate the validity period and import permit dates.

She also noted that customers might use their phones to report to the inspection team by using the “I verify” feature. “Customers can use the app to take a picture and send it directly to the EFDA inspection team if they come across incorrect validation times on commodities, whether it’s medication or food,” she explained.

LegesseWedajo, a senior system analyst, shared his thoughts on the matter to The Ethiopian Press Agency, pointing out that the Electronic Regulatory Information System (eRIS) has a platform called Adverse Event Following Immunization (AEFI) that allows users to report if the prescribed medications have a negative impact on their health. He did, however, assert that the AEFI, which is presently only open for the COVID vaccine, will soon be used for other commodities.

The Authority also stated, eRIS allows importers to submit COC licensing requests through the app’s “I License” function. The EFDA personnel may analyze, examine, and give the license electronically if the applicant requests it. In a similar fashion, candidates might quickly register, receive a COC, and submit updated market permission. Despite the fact that the software is currently only designed to work on Android phones that speak Amharic and English, the EFDA states that a strategy is in place to provide the service without the use of cellular data.

The i-Verify App was developed and backed by the USAID AIDS-Free effort, and it was implemented by John Snow, Inc. Over 5,000 individuals have downloaded the i-Verify app from the Google Play Store as of today.

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Source: The Ethiopia Press Agency  


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