As part of the administration’s efforts to enhance public transportation in the capital, where commuters have to wait an average of 10 minutes for service, Transport Bureau announced that it has selected four corridors in the region of the newly opened Shegole Public Bus Depot for the city’s first electric bus transportation service pilot run. It is now looking for local and foreign financiers to help fund the fleet purchases. The pilot project will be carried out in partnership with Sheger Mass Transport Service and Ambessa City Bus Service Enterprises.

The buses will be added to the more than 10,000 other vehicles that now provide daily transportation to residents of the capital. The goal, according to the bureau, is to charge the electric buses at night and use them throughout the day. During the pilot run, the electric buses will be deployed along the Addisu Gebeya-Kera, Winget-Ayer Tena, Legehar-Dil Ber, and Autobis Tera-Asko corridors.

According to the transportation agency, the routes were chosen based on three criteria. These include proximity to marketplaces, distance from Shegole depot, and connection with the city’s BRT lanes. The bureau also stated that it will conduct additional assessments in order to identify additional routes and expand service to other parts of Addis Ababa. It intends to grow the number of service users to at least 3 million.


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