The Ministry of Transport and Logistics has announced that, for the next month, more than 60 electric vehicles in Addis Ababa will provide free transportation services on six routes between the hours of 1:00 AM and 1:00 PM, in collaboration with Greentech Africa/Ethiopia.

Green Tech Africa/Ethiopia representatives stated that, in addition to the six routes offered for free transportation for a month, they are prepared to provide efficient service by introducing new travel routes. In addition, 400 additional electric vehicles will be put into service soon to assist Addis Ababa with its transportation issues.

An electric car can travel 200-240 kilometers on a single full charge, which costs no more than 20 birr. It takes approximately 20 liters of fuel to travel on this identical road surface in a fuel-powered vehicle. At the current fuel price, this could cost up to 950 birr, according to the ministry.


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