As part of contributing to the body of knowledge and increasing the adoption of digital advertising technology, Eskimi held its first edition of digital hangout in Ethiopia to educate marketing professionals and brand managers on the latest digital advertising tools and technology.

The event provided relevant information to the audience on leveraging programmatic advertising technology to achieve marketing objectives. The event had in attendance marketing professionals and enthusiasts from both agency and brand sides. The attendees through the event were able to brush up on their digital advertising and marketing skills and discover how programmatic advertising could help them achieve their campaign objectives and deliver their marketing goals.

Lioul Asfaw, who was the key facilitator at the event, noted that It was great to see marketing and brand professionals come together to learn and explore digital advertising and the value it offers. He said that Programmatic advertising has plenty of benefits. However, what makes this technology exclusive in 2022 is the omnichannel approach. There’s a massive increase in the number of channels the users go to regularly. Today, advertisers should have the ability to address the users wherever they are. The programmatic advertising advantages are compelling for both the demand and supply sides. It enables marketers to reach users on smartphones, iPads, PC, and even Smart TV all at once. This cross-device online advertising helps to serve ad campaigns on several screens.

According to the Founder and CEO of Eskimi, Vytautas Paukstys, who was unavoidably absent, reiterated that “Digital’s key challenge is to prove itself in the eyes of decision-makers. No CMO would question the benefits of billboards, yet these benefits are ten times less quantifiable than digital benefits. With Programmatic, you define your target audience, you know exactly how many people you reached, how many of them engaged, and you can implement different tracking tools to know how many people converted. Based on this, digital is driving huge value to clients to track the whole user journey and calculate conversions.”

The digital hangout event emphasised the value programmatic advertising offers and why brands need to adopt Eskimi programmatic solutions that deliver results. Programmatic, by its nature, is cost-efficient and Eskimi currently serves ads to 150billion+ users globally and on over a 2.5million sites and apps, said Lioul. With the AdTech landscape constantly evolving, advertisers may be overwhelmed by which option to choose or understand the different purposes of each platform. Hence, advertisers must be able to ascertain that they are investing in the right advertising technology solutions that will facilitate campaign efficiency.

Eskimi is the AdTech platform with over a decade of experience working with a team of ambitious professionals that add the +1 to your agency or brand’s marketing team. It combines programmatic, big data, research, creative innovations and digital media into a powerful platform to create and reach unique audience segments for Telecom, FMCG, Financial, and other business sectors. With over 1.5B+ profile users, serving 450B+ impressions across 2.5M+ websites and apps globally, Eskimi is positioned to be your trusted partner in the world of programmatic advertising and data management.

The platform combines over 1000 unique 3rd party and 1st party data points across user interests, location, devices, telecom data, behaviour and many more to provide insights and target your audience.

Source: Company Newsletter


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