The Board of Directors of Ethio Lease announced that it has appointed Degol Gossaye as a new CEO of the company as of January 27, 2022.

Degol succeeded Fregenet Getachew whose maximum allowable term ended on that date, as per the applicable regulations from the National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE), the company said on Friday.

Degol joined Ethio Lease, Ethiopian Capital Goods Finance S.C. as Vice President of Business Development and Marketing on August 15th, 2019. Since then, the company said he has played an instrumental role in building the portfolio of Ethiopia’s first privately owned equipment leasing company.

Fregenet will be appointed to the Board of Ethio Lease and will continue to assist Ethio Lease’s management as a senior advisor to the CEO.

The new CEO has over 16 years’ experience working in the banking and the commercial sector.

“I am honored to have been appointed as Ethio lease’s next CEO. After working at Ethio Lease for over 2 years,” said Degol.

“Having seen the need and potential of lease financing across many sectors in Ethiopia, I am excited to lead the team and take Ethio Lease to another level and witness the impact our offering will have on many businesses across the country.”

Source: Ethiopia Monitor

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