Ethio telecom and Hybrid Designs have signed a deal that will allow users to access telecom products and services via Ride transport service at their convenience, utilizing the newly launched telebirr digital payment system.

According to the announcement, the partnership contract signed today between the two companies is primarily aimed at integrating telecom and telebirr services with the RIDE transportation service platform in order to meet the ever-increasing demand of customers for telecom products and services accessibility as well as optional payment platforms, thereby providing customers with fast and secure alternatives.

The announcement also stated that “having recently launched telegebeya online sales channel, which is a new and alternative sales platform that enables customers to purchase Ethio telecom’s products easily from their whereabouts, coupled with the company’s existing 509 point of sales and 185 franchise shops, as well as over 40,000 Ride transport serving drivers who will be in charge of delivering and selling our company’s products and services”

In addition to collecting monthly ethio telecom and utility bill payments via telebirr, Ride transport serving drivers will engage in collecting monthly ethio telecom and utility bill payments, registering new telebirr customers, upgrading telebirr customer levels, providing cash in and cash out services, airtime, packages, and new SIM cards sales, providing SIM replacement services to customers, and providing telebirr customer level upgrades.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (26 May 2022)


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