Ethio Telecom launched two new products called Ashamtele customer loyalty program and the telegebeya online sales channel in response to the recent trend of introducing new telecom services and products, yesterday April 27.

Customers are said to be able to earn incentives and rewards for using various telecom services such as voice, data/internet, and SMS, as well as recharging airtime and making payments for goods and services through telebirr.

  • According to a press release, Ashamtele loyalty program registered customers will receive various incentives and rewards that may allow them to purchase smartphones, tablets, and laptops, as well as purchase packages, recharge airtime , and pay monthly bills as a result of the accumulated points earned while using various services such as voice, data, and SMS, as well as making payments for goods and services via telebirr.

Similarly, Ethio telecom has launched the telegebeya online sales channel, a new and alternative sales platform that allows customers to easily purchase Ethio telecom products from wherever they are by using telebirr as a payment modality. Customers will be able to purchase ethio telecom products through the newly launched online platform, in addition to the company’s existing 615 point of sales and 116 franchise shops.

  • Customers can purchase various smart mobile phones, internet modems, fixed broadband terminals, and other telecom services at low prices through this web-based sales platform.
  • As the first phase of telegebeya online sales launch, Ethio Telecom’s customers in Addis Ababa can order their preferred products among the aforementioned devices via this web-based online sale platform or and will soon receive the products as they settle the payment via telebirr.

Moreover, the company stated that in the near future, it will expand this web-based online sales service and make it available in major cities across the country, along with additional telecom products, in its second phase.


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