Ethio Telecom issued a press release stating that the company’s revenue for the just ended fiscal year reached 61.3 billion ETB, an increase of 8.5 percent from the prior fiscal year and 87.6 percent of the target.

Mobile voice makes up 51% of the total revenue share when it is broken down by service type, followed by data and internet (27%), international business (10%), value-added services (5.7%), and other services (6.6%).

The target was exceeded by 82.3 percent, with 146.6 million USD in foreign currency earned during the allotted time.

The company was able to save more than 5.4 billion ETB in a single year thanks to a cost optimization strategy it developed (DO2SAVE), which is disclosed in the press release.

Total subscribers reached 66.59 million, or 104 percent of the target subscriber base, an increase of 18.4 percent over the same period last fiscal year.

Data and the internet are used by 26.1 million people, fixed services are used by 885.3K people, and fixed broadband is used by 506K people. Mobile voice services are used by 64.5 million people.


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