Today on February 10,2022, Ethio telecom made a commitment to contribute to the Ministry of Education in its major effort to restore the destroyed and looted educational institutions in the crisis ravaged areas so as to get students back to school and resuming learning.

To this effect, Ethio telecom has allocated a short code SMS and telebirr channels where local customers can contribute any amount by sending SMS to 9222, via telebirr App or dialing on *127# and entering 9222 as a merchant number and oversea donors can donate via 993161616 international remittance telebirr payment number.

In not the distant future, the company will also disclose the launch of a discounted student-only package. As a nationwide responsible telecom operator, it is committed to support the education sector and building a better generation by directly participating in the overall development of the community, demonstrating its national commitment and corporate social responsibility; would like to assure it will continue to strengthen its support in the education sector in the future.

Ethio telecom said, apart from its prior engagement in building a multifaceted telecom infrastructure and realizing the country’s digital transformation vision, is taking part in a major considerable social responsibility program such as in education, health, humanitarian aid, environmental protection and green legacy initiatives countrywide.

So far, the company has invested more than 4.8 billion birr in the education sector, especially since the introduction of technology supported online education (plasma TV) by connecting educational institutions with high speed fixed broadband internet and satellite communication options (School net) and provided free and up to 86 percent service fee discount. Furthermore, the company has been providing free maintenance service to assure reliable connectivity.

The company has also been providing support to students at different levels with special needs through education, school feeding programs.  In the year 2021 G.C alone, the company discharges its corporate social responsibility by donating 50,000 dozen of exercise books for the primary school students enrolled in 665 schools countrywide which worth over 16.5 M ETB under the motto “Equipping students is building generation”. Similarly, the company has donated mobile phones and laptops for 250 hardworking female teachers which is one of the manifestations of its commitment and dedication to the betterment of education sector. 

It is noted that our company has encountered with severe telecom infrastructure damage due to the recent security related crisis in various parts of the country; and it has lost a huge amount of revenue which it has intended to collect.  In the midst of this challenges, the company is providing a number of donations to support the crisis victim community.

Source: Company Press Release


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