Ethio telecom and the Information Network Security Administration (INSA) have launched telebirr-based monthly water service bill payment through the Derash integrated payment platform for water and sewerage service providers.

According to ethio telecom press release, telebirr subscribers in Arba Minch, Harari, Bahir Dar, Finote Selam, Injibara, Dessie, and Kombolcha towns can pay their water and sewerage bills via telebirr thanks to Derash’s enabled system integration, which will also help water and sewerage service providers collect their monthly bills more efficiently.

According to the press release, Within a short period of time, the service has grown to over 19 million subscribers, over 82 master agents, over 67 thousand agents, and over 17 thousand merchants. Telebirr has also integrated with 12 banks to transfer money from bank to telebirr and with 10 banks to transfer money from telebirr to bank. Because of its popularity and preference for e-money transactions, over 16.2 billion birr transactions have been completed to date.

Ethio Telecom also stated that the company will implement water bill payment via telebirr through the Derash integrated payment platform with various Regions’ water and sewerage service providers.


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