Ethio telecom announced in a press release that it has invested over 45.48 million birr in Digital Learning Centers in 66 high schools across the country, providing 1,386 desktop computers and equipment (1,386 tables and chairs per digital learning room) as well as fast broadband internet access. A total of 140,596 students will benefit as a result.

According to ethio telecom, Addis Ababa is home to 18 of the 66 government high schools with digital learning facilities, with the remaining 48 high schools scattered across the country. The Addis Ababa and regional education bureaus supported and participated in the selection of these high schools, in collaboration with the company’s regional and zonal offices.

Since the introduction of technology supported online education (plasma TV), the company has invested over 4.8 billion birr in providing school net services by connecting educational institutions with high speed fixed broadband internet and satellite communication options and providing free and up to 86 percent service fee discounts.

In addition, the company stated that it fulfilled its corporate social responsibility in 2014 by distributing 50,000 dozens of exercise books to primary school students enrolled in 665 schools across the country, totaling over 16.5 million birr in support of the society’s low-income group. The company also spent 23.4 million birr on a school meal program for 9,000 students in 24 schools and 22 million birr on a one-year pocket money program for 5,500 students in 45 institutions, with each student receiving birr 400 per month.

As part of its commitment to the overall excellence of the education sector, the company also stated that it has donated 54.4 million birr worth of 70,000 mobile handsets with SIM cards to women living in 846 woredas/districts across the country in order to bridge the digital divide and empower them in the digital economy, as well as granted mobile phones and laptops to 250 hardworking female teachers.


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