Ethio Telecom has established a cooperation with HyperSense, an Enterprise AI platform, to develop its Business Assurance service. Ethio Telecom will leverage its easy-to-use control building framework to expand its Revenue Assurance practice into Business Assurance and improve decision making as a result of this relationship.

Ethio Telecom will be on the cutting edge of risk management automation thanks to Subex’s 5G-ready Business Assurance. To fulfill expansion needs, Ethio Telecom wants to enhance its revenue assurance functionality. A technology partner that could engage with agility and scalability as a core proposition was also desired by the operator. HyperSense, Subex’s AI technology, has achieved its long-term success. The operator will be able to give a big business assurance coverage from concept to cash through the deployment of the technology.

Ethio Telecom will be able to:

 •Leverage AI as part of its Business Assurance vision

 •Benefit from rolling upgrades i.e. eliminate long and expensive upgrade cycles

 •Improve coverage across their entire product portfolio

 •Proactive approach to Business Assurance, thereby minimizing losses & mitigating risk

Source: List23


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