Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (27 September 2022)

Following the conclusion of the BRIDGES strategy that ended with the 2014 Ethiopian FY (June 2022 G.C), Ethio Telecom (ET) has developed and begun the LEAD Strategy that will guide and grow the firm for the coming three years. The plan is said to have been crafted after a deep analysis of the relevant internal and external environments that affect the performance of the company and has identified 20 strategic issues under 6 thematic areas.

Having began implementation on July 01, 2022, ET aims to reach various milestones using LEAD. The Telecom plans to:

  • Increase its subscriber base by 10.3% to reach 73.5 million
  • Reach 71 million mobile voice customers (a 10.5% increase)
  • Grow the number of fixed broadband customers by 37.4% to reach 696.7 K
  • Increase tele density by 68%

Further, ET has as its target an income generation of 75.05 billion birr, a 22.4% increment. To achieve this objective, the company will:

  • Engage in new business streams 
  • Shift revenue source from traditional to value-added services
  • Offering local and international products & services to the market
  • Increase telebirr’s access, service types and partners
  •  Improve service delivery, and 
  • Increase customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty.

According to Ethio Telecom’s website, the organization has already achieved 98% of its target within only two months of operation.


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