Ethiopia’s Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration announced that Bureau Veritas and Cotecna have been chosen to certify products and provide certificates for all solar products and replacement parts. The two businesses were chosen, and a deal was signed on January 25, 2022, after they won the worldwide bid revealed recently by the Ministry. According to the Ministry, all importers of solar products and spare parts must now show a certificate of quality assurance from one of two international companies – Bureau Veritas or Cotecna. Mr. Eyasu Simon, director of import-export merchandizes at the Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration, was quoted.

He stated that any solar items and spare parts that are not certified by the two international corporations will be returned to the exporting country. He asked all solar product importers in Ethiopia to be aware of the new rules. Meanwhile, the Ministry has not stated how it will handle solar items and spare parts that have already been transported to Ethiopia prior to the new legislation taking effect.

According to the Ministry’s reasoning, Ethiopia has chosen Bureau Veritas and Cotecna to conduct laboratory testing and certification because the government lacks the capacity to do so and it takes a long time.


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