Hisense Group, a Chinese home appliance company, has signed a partnership deal with relevant authorities in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Abeba to develop an intelligent bus system. This is Hisense’s first push into the smart traffic market outside of China.

According to Hisense, the project will be completed in 21 months. After the project is done, native residents will be able to get real-time bus information via a smartphone app and digital screens at major public sites such as bus stops.

Companies that provide public transportation can match passenger flows and traffic capacity through real-time monitoring, remote control, and intelligent vehicle scheduling. This, according to Hisense, will help Ethiopia improve the operational efficiency of its public transportation system.

Hisense announced in December that it had won a bid in Ethiopia to provide intelligent solutions for public bus services in Addis Abeba in conjunction with Shandong Hi-Speed Group.

Upgraded public transportation will benefit passengers and alleviate peak-hour traffic congestion, said Zhang Sihai, president of Hisense TransTech, in an earlier interview with the China Economic Net, adding that expanding into new markets is essential to the company’s intelligent traffic business.

Source: China Economic Net


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